People are afraid of grout due to the fact that it can crack, stain, mildew, change color, and simply fall out.  Grout has been a constant battle for decades.  There is nothing worse than installing a tile job, and have the grout change color from dark brown lines, to light brown.  And everyone has different theories, to why these things happen stating, installation error, too much water when mixing, and hard water.

There are two basic types of grout a consumer must decide on, one being basic sanded grout that is very inexpensive, and high end grout i.e. Tec Power Grout.  The main difference are being basic grout can and will stain, crack, and have inconsistent color.  Grout with additives like Tec Power Grout, resist stains, is color consistent, crack resistant, mold and mildew resistant, fast setting open to traffic in 4 hours, and never needs sealing like traditional grout does.  The technology behind the makeup make, this grout give me no worries when selling and installing a tile shower, back splash, or even tile on counter top.  In fact 99% of our jobs we sell at Southern Floors our customers use Tec Power Grout, or similar.  For complete information regarding Tec Power Grout please go to: