Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile

Ceramic tile vs porcelain tile


When tile manufactures make tile, they start like you would when baking cookies.  You start with raw material “your cookie mix”, than you add water and other raw ingredients.  Once you get all your raw material you mix it, and place the cookies, “tile” in oven.  Once the tile is baked they take out the tile and place it on cooling racks.  If the tile stays in the kiln longer it becomes porcelain tile, if the tile comes out early it makes ceramic tile.  Ceramic tile when it comes out of the kiln has a, 3 to 5 % moisture in its body, where porcelain will have .3 to .5% moisture in its body.  A porcelain tile will not freeze in winter due to its low moisture content, and will be stronger.   Due to low water content porcelain tile will not absorb as much water as ceramic tile, making it ideal for commercial applications, and wet areas.